New Release

Dear Reader,
Im excited to announce the release of Grave Matters, a mystery, and the first in a series. If youre familiar with my non-fiction books, you will find it quite the departure, although not from the funeral home setting.

Meet Tripp Clipper, army vet turned undertaker. Hes got an eye for spotting trouble; when a sweet schoolteacher lands on his embalming table after steering her car into a tree, he knows something is off. Why does the victim of a car wreck show signs of strangulation? Clip follows the clues--and the deaths--piling up. But when his girlfriend gets kidnapped, things get personal. Now he has to solve the mystery and save Paula before hes the next one lying in the morgue.

Click the cover to read Chapter 1 of Grave Matters.

For the avid fans, I have included three non-fiction stories that didn't make the final cut in Mortuary Confidential or Over Our Dead Bodies. You can find them, along with story artwork, under "Web Extras".

I welcome any and all feedback and also enjoy hearing your funeral stories. Even though I work a full time job, I still make an effort to respond to each and every email.

Happy reading,