Patient Zero is now released

Dear Reader,
It’s here, Patient Zero, the second installment in my Clip Undertaking Series

Tripp Clipper is back, this time as a deadly outbreak of unknown origin spreads through Charleston like wildfire.

A routine autopsy on a couple of unidentified homicide victims takes a turn for the weird when Homeland Security swoops in and seizes the bodies. Even weirder, Clip and the attending pathologist are debriefed at a safe house where a doctor pokes and prods them to determine if they were infected, but Homeland Security won't tell them with what.

Two homeless guys shooting each other isn't normally a matter of national security. But every time Clip investigates what the John Does were involved in, Homeland Security intervenes. When the bodies start piling up in his morgue--all seemingly healthy adults--he knows it's connected. There's been an outbreak and the government is trying to get a handle on it quickly and quietly. That is, until it mushrooms out of control. Things turn for the worse when the funeral home’s secretary is hospitalized, quickly followed by his girlfriend. Government officials place Charleston under quarantine, and DMORT arrives to deal with all the bodies. Clip needs to find out what's going on before half his city (and his loved ones) end up dead.

It all started with those two John Does. He has to figure out which one is Patient Zero.

Click the cover to read Chapter 1 of Patient Zero.

And yes, the undertaking details are all as real as I could make them in the context of the plot. I’ve found most people have a morbid streak (you wouldn’t believe the questions I get asked). So, go ahead, indulge your dark side.

As an added bonus for all you funereal looky-loos I’ve included three non-fiction stories that didn't make the final cut in Mortuary Confidential or Over Our Dead Bodies. You can find them, along with story artwork, under "Web Extras".

Check back for updates on the next Clip installment, some future non-fiction projects, and some other potentially big things coming down the pike that I don’t want to lay out (sorry, undertaker joke) until the dotted line has been signed upon.

I welcome any and all feedback and also enjoy hearing your funeral stories. Even though I work a full time job, I still make an effort to respond to each and every email.

Happy reading,